Personal Work/Collaboration with Marcella Capasso

by Ed on March 15, 2014

Recently had the chance to work again with Marcella Capasso, who I hadn’t seen in a few years. Marcella is starting to get back into food styling, so we thought it would be a good opportunity to collaborate to benefit both our portfolios.

Marcella has a great natural style, and really made both of these dishes look beautiful, which is not an easy thing to do, considering they need just the perfect balance of stylish composition and messiness to look their best.CacciatoreTiramisu


by Ed on February 23, 2014

Wanted to add some breakfast shots to my book, so stylist Nicole Kruzick and I decided to try our hand at oatmeal. We were both really happy with the results.Oatmeal

Architecture and Interiors

by Ed on February 3, 2014

Recently I’ve been photographing a lot of homes for Interior Designers, Architects, and Real Estate Agents. I really enjoy the change of pace and getting to collaborate with other creative people.architecture-15 architecture-14 architecture-13 architecture-12 architecture-11 architecture-10 architecture-09 architecture-08 architecture-07 architecture-06 architecture-05 architecture-04 architecture-03 architecture-02 architecture-01

Naturactive Skincare

by Ed on January 5, 2014

Had the pleasure of working with Vildana Evren of Visual Ground on the rebranding of the Naturactive Skincare line. It was a really fun collaboration and I hope we get a chance to work together again soon.Naturactive-01Naturactive-02Naturactive-03

L&E Oyster Bar

by Ed on December 20, 2013

Some images from a really fun shoot at L&E in Silver Lake for Time Out Los Angeles.chowder crostini fried oysters interior2 oysters2 (1) po'boy sign

Roasted Pork Loin/Pecan Pie

by Ed on November 23, 2013

Recent collaboration with food stylist Elizabeth Normoyle. She did a great job on the styling, and contributed a lot of nice props as well.

pork retouchedpecan pie retouch

Surfing Donkey

by Ed on October 30, 2013

Recently was contacted by Patrick Castles to shoot some prototypes for his new line of locally produced craft cocktails. Surfing Donkey-01 Surfing Donkey-02 Surfing Donkey-03 Surfing Donkey-04

Beats headphones

by Ed on October 12, 2013

Recently we were approached by the team at Beats to come up with a new direction for their photography. They were looking for a dramatic presentation of the Mixr that helped establish them with a new demographic. We also shot the Pill in an exploded view to help illustrate the packaging.

The Sliding Door Company

by Ed on July 10, 2013

Another fun shoot for the Sliding Door Company, this time we shot at Aesthesia Studios here in LA. We needed a big space to build room sets so we could feature the doors in different environments. We ended up shooting 8 sets in 2 1/2 days, so needless to say we stayed busy. Thanks to Jean-Marc Durviaux at Distinc for his creative art direction, the incredibly talented Jennifer Barguiarena for providing the amazing props and set decorations, and to Fabio Mascio at Tractor Vision for building great sets on our limited budget.TSDC_LAMag_October2013_v2.indd TSDC_SanDiegoHomeGarden_Nov2013.indd

The Parish restaurant

by Ed on March 15, 2013

Portrait of chef/owner Casey Lane
The Parish-05

The Parish-04The Parish-02The Parish-01The Parish-03