Charcuterie for DRAFT Magazine

by Ed on February 12, 2016

Here’s a couple images from a shoot for DRAFT magazine. Working with food stylist Marcella Capasso and Design Director Kevin Robie is always fun, especially when it comes to shooting one of my favorite foods- charcuterie!

As with most food photography, this shoot involved arranging the various elements so they work together to make a nice shot, as well as work within the layouts for the magazine. Collaborating with people like Marcella and Kevin to arrive at a finished product is one of my favorite parts of a shoot. And of course, since DRAFT is a beer magazine, we typically have to work a glass of beer into the shot as well.

Make sure to check out more images at their website:

Salami with knifeDRAFT 3-3-1554596 Build a BoardDRAFT 3-3-1554616 Charcuterie and Beer


DRAFT 3-4-15 Charcuterie Opening Spread