Charcuterie for DRAFT Magazine

by Ed on February 12, 2016

Here’s a couple images from a shoot for DRAFT magazine. Working with food stylist Marcella Capasso and Design Director Kevin Robie is always fun, especially when it comes to shooting one of my favorite foods- charcuterie!

As with most food photography, this shoot involved arranging the various elements so they work together to make a nice shot, as well as work within the layouts for the magazine. Collaborating with people like Marcella and Kevin to arrive at a finished product is one of my favorite parts of a shoot. And of course, since DRAFT is a beer magazine, we typically have to work a glass of beer into the shot as well.

Make sure to check out more images at their website:

Salami with knifeDRAFT 3-3-1554596 Build a BoardDRAFT 3-3-1554616 Charcuterie and Beer


DRAFT 3-4-15 Charcuterie Opening Spread

Haylie Duff for Reynolds Heat and Eat

by Ed on January 25, 2016

Recently had the pleasure of shooting Haylie Duff for Reynolds. They wanted to showcase one of their new products which is an eco friendly food storage container.

For this shoot I worked with Creative Director Erin Murray from Olson Engage in Chicago. We used the kitchen set at 2010 Studios in Gardena, which was a great place to work. Food stylist Valerie Aikman-Smith added her creative touch to the recipes.

Haylie was great and a total pro to work with. With lighting master Ethan Sharkey and trusty assistant Jay Park the shoot went very smoothly.

Haylie Stuffed Shells_75121With Product Haylie Product_74858With Product

Cover of DRAFT Magazine

by Ed on May 12, 2015

The May/June cover for DRAFT magazine… my first cover and I’m super proud of the way this turned out. This is a composite of about 10 different photos and about 4 hours of retouching, mostly to get the perfect lighting and head for the beer as well as change the position of the model in back.

Food photography is about patience and attention to detail, as well as a collaboration between myself and the food stylist. This was a lot of fun to shoot, and I’m happy that DRAFT chose to put it on the cover.


Magnolia Flower

by Ed on February 13, 2015

I got inspired by seeing a bunch of Magnolia blossoms around town and decided to try my hand at shooting one at my studio. A lot of post production went into this in order to achieve kind of a vintage split-tone look with texture.


Pizza Hut with Deutsch Advertising

by Ed on January 6, 2015

Had a great two week shoot for Pizza Hut. We shot approximately 12-15 recipes while working about 12-14 hours a day. Superstar prop stylist Jennifer Barguiarena had a custom cast iron surface made to use as a background.  This was a huge project that involved many people, including about 5 food stylists and clients coming from as far away as Dallas. One of the things I like best about being a food photographer is getting to work with so many interesting people in order to come up with a lot of great images for the client. Thanks to a great crew and art director Justin Graham and producer Mara Serdans from Deutsch.
















Euphoria by Calvin Klein

by Ed on July 10, 2014

Personal work/collaboration with retoucher extraordinaire Conor CollinsEuphoria flat

LATHER skincare

by Ed on May 23, 2014

Here are some images I shot recently for LATHER’s website. Matt and Missy have been great clients for a long time, and I always enjoy shooting with them.BLBSD Green Thumb Gift Set Face the Day Soaps-33447 Custom-37806 Botanical Clock Stoppers2 Lavendar Market-37439

Baladea Fitness

by Ed on May 15, 2014

Shoot for Baladea home workout systemBaladea-01 Baladea-02

Personal Work

by Ed on March 25, 2014

Some new images from a recent collaboration with my friend, food stylist John Galang. We actually shot these in his apartment using just natural window light. John did a great job as always… you can check out more of his work at:

One of the best parts of the shoot was getting to sample the Watermelon Vodka cocktails with homemade basil syrup! Dangerously delicious.

JAG Test 3-20-1438120 Chicken JAG Test 3-20-1438276 Cocktail

Bicycle Casino Menu

by Ed on March 19, 2014

Did a fun shoot with David Robles and John Meyer of Innerspin Marketing for a menu redesign for the Bicycle Casino. We wanted to replace their existing photography while giving their brand a more upscale and fresh look. We ended up shooting about 15 menu items on location in one of their back rooms. That many shots can make for a busy day, but thanks to everyone’s hard work it went very smoothly. Here are a few of the highlights…Bicycle-01 Bicycle-02 Bicycle-03 Bicycle-04